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At the same time where a lot of companies understand the importance of a Tax Control Framework, there is a lack of IT consultants who share this view and adapt system implementations or projects to this view. Consultants are either focussed on getting the project done from an IT perspective as efficient as possible or describe the “SOLL” situation via extended memos, where IT consultants might get lost.

Being in control with

VATprocess understands the view and terminology of IT consultants, but is also aware of the importance of a Tax Control Framework and the status: “Being in control”. VATprocess acts as a bridged between Corporate Fiscal and IT. Bringing the two together, setting up a system that can grow with the company, but also identifies unauthorized flows as well, is the main goal of VATprocess.

I sincerely believe that VATprocess can help your company identify tax control issues, but also solving them, via system changes or setting up procedures. Your VAT process is not about fulfilling just legal requirements, its knowing what you do! Do you know?

About Fred Vaessen

My name is Fred Vaessen and after having worked for multiple multinationals, including a big 4 company, I decided that the time was right to start VATprocess. It was time to share my knowledge, provide added value to the VAT processes within a company that takes its processes serious.

VATprocess started to exist in my head as a company that is able to provide practical advice, which a company can use to get in control of the tax processes, where the main focus lies in VAT. That's where we are now, day to day business improvements related to VAT. That's what we do now; investigate, improve and monitor. Do you want to go there as well? Contact VATprocess and notice the difference.


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